The Thames Rivers Trust (TRT) has been promoting an ecosystem approach to river restoration on the Thames and its tributaries since 1986

  • In 2010 we funded the Environment Agency (EA) Thames region’s successful entry to win the prestigious Theiss International River Prize for the River Thames.

  • TRT supports catchment management, habitat improvement and river restoration projects large and small. Our Thames Restoration Fund (TRF) provided 9 projects with a total of £165k of funding. Levering additional funding of more than £400k.

  • Our TRF projects delivered in both rural and urban areas and included opening up fish passage, reconnecting rivers to the floodplain, as well as an innovative community water quality modelling scheme.

  • TRT is committed to working with additional partners to further Water Framework Directive (WFD) objectives and in 2017 formed and began administering The Thames Catchment Forum (TCF) with other third sector groups and government agencies. The TCF  has evolved and in 2022 incentivised by TRT’s collaboration with the Catchment Partnership Support (CaPS) Fund, the TCF has opened its doors to the 27 Catchment Partnership host organisations in the region.

  • TRT is supporting a pilot project on Natural Flood Management as part of the Environment Agency’s six year Thames Flood Risk Management Strategy.

  • TRT is committed to help develop a sustainable water re-sources strategy for the Thames River Basin and is working with the EA, water companies and other third sector organisations to achieve this.

  • December 2020 – March 2022 TRT led the successful Thames Catchment Community Eels Project. This £250k partnership project was driven to aid the long-term survival of the European eel. It engaged thousands of people with eels as well as developing and proving the need for a new Citizen Science methodology for collecting eel barrier data, ObstacEELS.

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