ObstacEELS is a new citizen science initiative, led by ZSL and has been collaboratively developed with four Rivers Trusts and Thames Estuary Partnership as part of our new environmental partnership project, Thames Catchment Community Eels Project.

ObstacEELS is now being trialled. ZSL has trained project officers from Action for the River Kennet, South East Rivers Trust and Thames21. They in turn have trained local volunteers from communities near the Rivers Mole, Pang, Upper Brent, Ravensbourne and Middle and Lower Kennet, who are now out on the riverbanks, working in teams (co-ordinated by those project officers) to identify, log and score passability of obstacles to eel migration.

The trained volunteer Eel Force are using the newly modified River Obstacles App and Technical Guide. The app was created and modified by Natural Apptitude.

Training is a simple two step process.

An inital Zoom introduction is then followed up by a practical in parson training session by the river.

Training is free and ongoing support and guidance is provided.

The data collected during 2021 by volunteers will help shape future practical projects to open up fish passage for the critically endangered European eel.

Eels spend the majority of their lives in our freshwater rivers, yet start life thousands of kilometres away in the Sargasso Sea. When young eels reach our rivers, huge numbers of obstacles, such as weirs and sluices prevent them from continuing that migration and being able to disperse upstream to reach healthy river habitats.

Eels need connectivity to escape pollution,  find places to hide and plentiful food sources to successfully grow and mature.

Our progress in collecting barrier data

Mapping will show where to prioritise focus for the best wins for eels. This could be removal of a barrier or a series of barriers or installation of eel passes. Improving rivers for eels will also improve rivers for other wildlife species too.

Purple markers show baseline data of existing barriers. Green markers show ObstacEELS surveyed barriers, these are previously unrecorded barriers and the existing barriers with more detailed data now collected.

Map made by Thames Estuary Partnership.

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Working together in partnership

Thames Rivers Trust
Action For The River Kennet
South East Rivers Trust
Thames 21
Thames Estuary Partnership
Green Recovery Fund Project
The Thames Catchment Community Eels Project is funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund. The fund is being delivered by the National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with the Environment Agency and Natural England.

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