London Wildlife Trust is undertaking major habitat restoration works to The Yeading Brook in the London Borough of Hillingdon. This project has been developed via the Crane Valley Partnership. Our Thames Restoration Fund contributed to this important project.

LWT and The London Borough of Hillingdon work together as part of the Crane Valley Partnership in order to fulfil the objectives of The Crane Valley Catchment Plan. London Wildlife Trust has been working with land owners in the upper catchment to identify and develop a river improvement project.

The project contributes towards the delivery of the Water Framework Directive and the following measures required to improve the catchment:

  • Retain marginal and riparian habitats.

  • Preserve and where possible enhance the value of marginal aquatic habitat, banks and riparian zone.

  • Increase in-channel morphological diversity.

  • Preserve and where possible restore historic aquatic habitats.

A historic meander has been reinstated, this had previously been cut off from the main channel and a new backwater has been created, offering refuge for aquatic wildlife. Volunteering sessions were run to engage the local community, increasing appreciation and awareness. These involved planting up using native marginal plants and Himalayan balsam pulling.

Main outcomes include:

  • The improvement will be of benefit to flood risk management as the capacity of the river channel will be increased.

  • Site aesthetics and the conservation value of Stafford Road Open Space are greatly improved, enabling the London Borough of Hillingdon to apply for Green Flag accreditation.

  • Public awareness of the Yeading Brook is improved, helping local people to develop a sense of civic pride for their local river.

  • Improved habitat connectivity with areas of high quality habitat downstream.

Project completed June 2018

London Wildlife Trust

Conservation value improved greater habitat connectivity with access to quality habitat downstream.

LWT Backwater Creation
LWT Backwater Creation
LWT Backwater Creation

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