A tribute to our former Trustee Peter Spillett

Peter was not only an excellent Trustee, giving support and excellent advice; he was a good friend who is sorely missed by TRT and is remembered with the highest regard.

Peter had been a Trustee for more than 10 years. During this time his extensive experience in the Water Industry was invaluable. He gave his time freely and generously to try to ensure that decisions made by organisations working in the Thames Valley and London improved the biodiversity of the river and its tributaries.

Peter was a keen birdwatcher and Chair of Reading Branch of the RSPB; he wanted to make sure wildlife was taken into account when decisions were being made – he was always an ambassador for the holistic approach to projects and plans.

He was often able to break “log jams” in thinking to find ways of achieving consensus, often using his unique sense of humour which made for interesting meetings; with Peter in the room meetings were never boring!

We will miss him greatly, for his knowledge, honesty, experience, attention to detail and friendship. The Trustees will always remember the efforts he made to protect and improve the river, and will endeavour to continue in ways he would have approved.

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