Thames Rivers Trust (TRT) is a registered charity and a Rivers Trust. We are the hub for Rivers Trusts in the Thames catchment, working strategically and collaboratively across the catchment in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders to bring about improvements to ensure a healthy river basin for communities, biodiversity and the environment.

TRT will comply with relevant environmental legislation/regulation.

Statement of environmental aims

TRT is committed to managing our environmental impacts, whilst meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Using this Environmental Policy as a guiding document, together with a supporting Procedure document TRT will commit to continually improve our environmental performance by monitoring on a regular basis and reviewing annually.

TRT’s objectives

We commit to:

  1. Promote the awareness of environmental matters amongst our staff and partners
  2. Use water and energy efficiently; and a sustainable use of other natural resources
  3. Reduce our carbon footprint through encouraging the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable means of transport by staff, partner trusts and contractors
  4. Purchase responsibly – assess and reduce the environmental impact of all purchases as far as possible in terms of their raw materials, production, packaging, delivery, distribution and use
  5. Reduce the volume of waste produced by, in order of priority, reducing the acquisition of new materials, re-using materials and recycling materials
  6. Reduce any harmful environmental impacts of project sites and premises
  7. Work with project partners, contractors, suppliers and communities to encourage high environmental standards and a commitment to a sustainable philosophy
  8. Prevent pollution and reduce our impact on the environment
  9. Use non-toxic products (e.g., biodegradable cleaning products and Volatile Organic Compounds – free paints)

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