Between 2017-19 we administered a small grants funding scheme of £175,000 for projects delivering river improvements in the Thames River Basin

Applications were invited for projects of between £5-25k that fell under at least one of the following three priority areas.

  • Slowing the flow: Natural flood management and sustainable drainage schemes (SuDS)

  • Improving water quality: Identifying and addressing the impacts of diffuse and point source pollution

  • Increased access and connectivity for fish: Increasing the opportunity for fish to move between habitats to successfully complete their life-cycle

In addition

Applicants were asked to demonstrate the wider benefits of the project which might include, but were not limited to:

  • Wider biodiversity benefits

  • Connecting people and communities with “their” river both during and after project completion

  • Links to other river related initiatives – especially the priorities identified by Catchment Partnerships

  • Additional funding or in-kind contributions the project might lever in

Thames Restoration Fund Completed Projects

Working strategically and collaboratively across the catchment the Thames Restoration Fund is delivering projects on the ground to restore and conserve rivers and wetlands. To find out more download our Thames Rivers Trust brochure.

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