The Thames, its tributaries and the land that surrounds these rivers and streams hold many wonderful habitats and species, from floodplain water meadows with rare flowers, to the many species of fish in the rivers and down to the estuary with its flocks of birds and growing numbers of seals

The River Trusts in the region are working hard to restore and enhance this biodiversity for all to enjoy. Often there are opportunities to get involved with hands on conservation volunteering and public events.

The Thames has been dramatically altered over many years as human habitation has spread, however wildlife has found niches in which to flourish and with Rivers Trusts in the Thames River Basin working on many levels to improve the catchment there is much to be positive about. There are a variety of habitats along the Thames and its tributaries – riverbank, tree lines, wet woodland, ponds, grazed water meadows, hedgerows, scrub, wetlands and open parkland. All provide homes for a wealth of animals and plants. Many stretches of ours rivers are surprisingly accessible and much wildlife can be observed and enjoyed.

We have co-funded the guide book Exploring the Thames Wilderness with The River Thames Society to help you enjoy the most interesting stretches of the river.

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