A charity which is dedicated to improving the River Thames and its tributaries

The Thames Rivers Trust is a registered environmental charity dedicated to improving the River Thames and its tributaries for the benefit of people, biodiversity and the environment. We are The Rivers Trust Hub for the Thames catchment; and work with a wide range of partners including government agencies, private companies, NGOs and local community groups with the aim of delivering an integrated approach to the management of the Thames and the surrounding land.

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How we are making a difference

The Thames Catchment Community Eels Project – Get Involved

Every year glass eels arrive from the Sargasso Sea and swim up the Thames and its tributaries, however this journey is hindered by the many man made barriers in our rivers. The Thames Catchment Community Eels Project is a partnership project, incorporating citizen science. Our trained volunteer ‘Eel Force’ are out surveying obstacles to inform future projects for eels. The project also incorporates monitoring of eel migration; as well as raising the profile of this Critically Endangered fish through classroom Eel Workshops, Eel Assemblies, Talks and Eel & Wildlife Riverbank Walks.

Find out how you can get involved and how the project will help this critically endangered fish.


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  • Oct 29

    Family Friendly Guided River Walk – Grattons Park Local Nature Reserve with SERT

    10:00 am – 11:30 am
    Join South East Rivers Trust during half term for a walk along the Gatwick Stream in Grattons Park Local Nature...
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