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Thames Rivers Trust is a charity focused on the promotion and delivery of an ecosystem based approach to improving the River Thames and its tributaries

None of this can be achieved by working in isolation, we are committed to developing a collaborative, partnership approach that maximises the benefits of public, private and third sector organisations working together with communities to deliver positive integrated outcomes.

We are keen to join up and support partners that share common objectives for improving the Thames catchment whether high up in the headwaters or low down the system in the tidal river below London – after all what happens in one part of the catchment greatly affects another.

We are a supporter of the catchment based approach (CaBA) and work closely with our fellow rivers trusts that operate within the Thames catchment and The Rivers Trust, the national organisation representing 46 River Trusts in the UK and one River Trust in the Republic of Ireland – to find out more about their work and CaBA please click on the relevant logo below;

Our Partner Trusts

Working with our five partner River Trusts we deliver a strategic view, embracing communication and skill sharing to create joined-up thinking and funding for river restoration projects across the Thames River Basin.

South East Rivers Trust

We Are Also Extremely Grateful to Our Supporters and Funders

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