Once a non-native species has got into the food web it is very difficult to control and the impacts can be devastating

American mink have played a key role is decimating our water vole populations. Landowners, Trusts and other organisations are monitoring and controlling this invasive non-native.

There are now at least 6 species of non-native crayfish in our rivers, which are having a considerable negative effect on our white-clawed crayfish, other freshwater creatures and our riverbanks. Killer shrimp Dikerogammarus villosus and Demon Shrimp Dikerogammarus haemobaphes can dramatically alter ecosystems, killing native species including young fish.

Check Clean Dry can help control the spread of these shrimp.

Plants such as Himalayan balsam have spread along our waterways, growing over 2 metres high in a single season and outcompeting our native flora. To find out more click here.

Check Clean Dry can help control the spread of non-native invasive animals and plants between watercourses. Always practice good biosecurity with fishing equipment, boats, kayaks and any other items you are using in a river.

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