November 2023

We’ve joined 23 other environmental and veterinary organisations supporting a ban of harmful pesticides

We’ve signed an open letter to the Government calling for an end to the use of pesticides deemed too environmentally-damaging to be used on crops from being included in pet medicines.

Pesticides deemed too harmful for use on crops are leaching into the environment, including our precious and fragile rivers, from pet tick & flea treatments. They’re highly bee-toxic and threaten aquatic species. There are 300+ alternative products. Time to get rid of these chemicals once & for all, to find out more click here 

Imidacloprid – commonly found in tick and flea treatments – is enough to kill millions of honeybees. Environment Agency data shows that pesticides
used in veterinary medicines are present in many of England’s rivers in concentrations that exceed accepted safe limits, posing a high risk to aquatic ecosystems.

The open letter calls on the UK Government to:
➢ Ban all pesticide active substances that are not permitted for use on agricultural crops from being included in veterinary medicines for dogs and cats.
➢ Close the current loophole to ensure that any pesticide active substance deemed to be too harmful to be used on crops in the future is automatically banned from appearing in veterinary medicines

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